Welcome to the Site

Hello, and welcome! My name is Vincent C. Russo, a young author from St. Louis Missouri.   I write about my various interests, from superhero films, to lesser known horror movies, to TV shows, and more on this site. I am also the author of the ongoing fantasy novella series Reyairan Spirits. The first book of this […]

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Don’t Kill It

Hello, and welcome back to Netflix Dumpster Dive, where I finally am getting my review out on time! I have much more time on my hands this semester (at least this part of it), so my hope is that I’ll be able to stay on top of things going forward. I decided to walk some […]

Two Sentence Stories (1)

Below is a collection of two-sentence stories I wrote. Planning for this to become a trend on this site along with Netflix Dumpster Dive, book related content, and longer-form short stories. SWALLOWED Juxtaposed against the black of midnight, its white flesh towers over her. She cannot move or scream, only quiver as its jaw stretches […]

Very Brief Update

Hey all my followers on here. Just wanted to say I apologize for my radio silence on here throughout November. School has been stressful, on top of my job out in the real world having some hiccups. I will be back at the end of December with something new, don’t you worry. Until then, feel […]

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Spectral

Hello, and welcome back to Netflix Dumpster Dive! I’m going to refrain from getting hung up on my lateness, it’s kind of tradition at this point. However, before I move on, I want to say that this Halloween will mark a full year of Netflix Dumpster Dive, and I want to thank everyone who has […]

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Super

Hello, and welcome to another Netflix Dumpster Dive! Once again, I miss my deadline, but at the very least, I got the post out the right month this time. I’m trying to get better, but college is creeping up fast and there has been many an errand to run in preparation. This month we’re going […]