Site Relaunch: A New Formula

This website started out simply as a place to promote books as I wrote them and not much else. But I wanted to do more with it, just never took the time to. Today I am officially going on the record saying that this site will be changing for the better.

I intend to have the site updated with a post ideally twice a week, and at the minimum, once every other week. The posts will cover a wide span of my interests, including: comic book shows and movies, lesser known horror movies, video games, drama shows. I want to give my own perspective on these forms of media, reviewing them, or even just talking about them to inform readers. If any of those interest you as well, give me a follow, I think you will enjoy what I say, even when you do not fully agree.

In addition, I have picked a more visually pleasing layout for the sight. The cooler colors and rounder edge to the titles just fit better. Eventually I will invest in a premium layout, but cash is tight right now and likely will be for a while.

Later this week, the first post in my new site formula will go up. It will be a comprehensive post outlining the issues I have with the DC Extended Universe, as someone who enjoys every film in its lineup but is concerned about its future.

Stick around, and follow the site if you like. There will be plenty to come.




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