12/31/16 Update

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my end of 2016 update/progress report.

My intent is to do one of these every 3 months or so just to keep the website updated on books, projects, and personal stuff so that I’m not leaving the few who follow the site (and hopefully the many who will one day) in the dark.

First, I want to cover the most major aspect of my work, and that is Reyairan Spirits. While The Eyes of Greenwood hasn’t sold particularly well, I’m not too concerned about it. I fully intend on kicking advertising into full gear once Book 2 is complete, and hopefully attract new readers to the series. I had originally planned to have The Young King released in November, but a plethora of technical and personal issues presented themselves during the writing process. My laptop broke and I haven’t been able to have it fixed yet, and as I am still living at home, using the family computer becomes a challenge to do until late at night, and given working while writing sometimes means working early in the morning, the conditions aren’t desirable. I know that isn’t an excuse for professionals, but given I’m self-published and have a very small following, I do have some wiggle room there.

I won’t go on about the other issues while writing The Young King. but I will, however, state that I am very near completion on the first draft in spite of them, and in all likelihood, I will have the book completed and released by or early spring 2017. I’m personally very excited, as I’m trying my best to make this debut series as entertaining as possible, and I’m liking how this installment is turning out.

While we’re in the realm of books, I’ll quickly add that I have a new, very ambitious project brewing, but I’m not going to officially announce it just yet, because I feel it needs to have a publishing company backing it to properly release. Let’s just say it will be extremely different from Reyairan Spirits, but it will be in another genre near and dear to my heart.

On to the website itself, I will be working hard on staying consistent with Netflix Dumpster Dive this coming year. Aforementioned issues have been present when trying to find time to watch any movies on my own. Since Netflix Dumpster Dive requires me either to have previously seen a movie, or watch it 2-3 times to fully absorb and evaluate it, it’s difficult in the midst of personal strife to both allocate the time I need and get motivated to work on a project like Netflix Dumpster Dive, especially since I often find myself wanting to devote that time into Reyairan Spirits instead.

As I said before, I’m not going to go real in depth into my personal life for this post, this is more a progress report than anything else. I’m just glad for the little following I’ve got and the work I’ve been able to do toward becoming a writer full time, however little thus far it may be.

Thanks to those who have been around in 2016, and here’s to a better, fuller 2017.




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