Netflix Dumpster Dive: In Order of Disappearance

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Netflix Dumpster Dive! I know that I’m a bit late posting this, but there’s been some personal issues that have impeded my progress. Originally had intended for it to be out on the 31st, but here we are. I am, in spite of all that, in the happiest and most confident state I’ve been in in a long time, and I am fully prepared to hit this series again full force. I’d like to pick it up to twice a month, but only time will tell if that comes to fruition. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

Due to my desire to bring diversity to Netflix Dumpster Dive, I decided this time around I’d be checking out a comedy. That, and damn did I need a good laugh. While the movie I found was no gut-busting laughfest, it was certainly a movie I enjoyed watching.

The movie I picked out was In Order of Disappearance, a Norwegian action-comedy. I chose it first because most foreign movies like this have neat surprises (see: What We Become), and second because of one of the actors in the preview image, Kristofer Hivju, whom some of you may know as Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones. While those of you who find that exciting, I regret to inform you that our bear-loving wildling has a relatively small role in the film, but one that will give Thrones fans and normal viewers alike a chuckle.

Often, when scouring for films to review, I will pick those with a low score. In Order of Disappearance is a standout from that motif. This film has a well-deserved 4 Star Rating. While this is not a literal dumpster dive, by going after low-score films, it adheres to my rule of introducing my readers to films they would not have watched otherwise. Plenty of people wouldn’t want to watch this film simply because foreign movies tend to be passed by by most casual Netflix viewers. However, I can wholeheartedly say that this movie is well worth reading some subtitles.

The description of In Order of Disappearance details a plot that makes me think the movie was intended to parody actors such as Liam Neeson. The simplest way I can put it is: powerful crime family messes with my family, so he single-handedly takes them on. Sounds like a bit like a certain kidnap-happy trilogy, no? This movie takes that concept and runs with it, not only making an entertaining action plot, but intermingling dark humor and believable, colorful characters that bring it so far above the level of a simple action film.

Since I’ve mentioned the dark humor in this movie, I want to expand on what makes In Order of Disappearance a comedy. For the most part, this movie is heavy. Crushingly heavy. The raw, relatable emotions that come with the plot are what make this a good movie, but the comedy is incredibly well done as well. The film sets up a comedic tone, subtly of course, early on, amidst the inciting event that turns our main character against the “mob.” Following this, humor that feels fluid and yet stands out provides both comedic relief and more character development for protagonists and antagonists alike.

On top of a solid plot and well-spaced comedic relief, In Order of Disappearance has great action all throughout, worthy of being a parody of Neeson and similar actors’ work. Never once when violence was displayed did I feel like it was cheaply done for the sake of budget. It was this that intrigued me so much about In Order of Disappearance. It’s so original and masterful all on its own that after watching it it almost feels like blasphemy to associate the word “parody” with it. Maybe that’s true, or maybe this is just an outstandingly great parody.

Every character in In Order of Disappearance has a motive or drive to do the things they do. Not only are these motives fleshed out in the protagonists and antagonists alike, they are relatable and gripping. I never found myself questioning the “why,” and only was interested in finding out the “how.” I think that is a trait even blockbuster movies have struggled with impressing upon me, and it’s refreshing to find a film that isn’t well known that can do it so proficiently.

All in all, In Order of Disappearance is a very good movie. It gave me excitement, laughs, and some intense feels from start to finish. It set out to tell a riveting story while still having comedic quality, and it certainly succeeded at that. If you’re looking for a fun action movie that’ll make you laugh and break your heart at the same time, I definitely recommend this movie. At the very least, give it half an hour to get your attention, and I can almost guarantee you will enjoy yourself.

Overall Personal Rating: 8/10 (4 Stars on Netflix)


Thank you for reading! I know this was a bit of a short one compared to my normal reviews, but I wanted to be vague as possible while still giving my opinion, and I didn’t want to continue to run late on posting this. If you want to see more Netflix Dumpster Dive, be sure to give the site a follow, and if you so please, you can check out my book in the menu above.




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