Netflix Dumpster Dive: The Void

Hello, and welcome back to Netflix Dumpster Dive! Once again, I have missed my deadline. In light of all the times I’ve done this, I’ve decided from now on I’ll be doing this toward the beginning of the month instead of at the end, because, well, that’s how it’s been working out anyway.

Originally, I didn’t want to be doing yet another horror film, but lately, finding anything else worth watching has been a bit of a struggle. The movie I was going to do, I’ll be saving for another time (We’re almost at a year of this, so I’ll be needing something special soon).

I decided to choose something in New Releases, and the first to catch my eye was The Void. It had a somewhat interesting, if not a bit cliché premise, and it was a 98% Match with my interests, so I decided I’d give it a go.

The first thing I noticed about The Void was that the acting and progression of events felt natural for what was occurring. I did feel that the characters were real, but, the actual dialogue and development? I wasn’t feeling that at all. Some of the exposition and back and forths were good, slipped in in believable circumstance, but a lot were, how do I say? Forced, like massive round peg in a centimeter square hole forced. Not to mention the inconsistency in the main character. Kills someone in self defense and is totally traumatized, but thirty minutes later can be completely cold to torturing someone who doesn’t even understand what’s going on? Nope, don’t buy it.

When it came to action, it was also hit or miss. I loved the monsters, how they looked, the practical effects, very nightmarish and cool. But when the monsters were killing and people were fighting back, I just couldn’t help but be underwhelmed. Excessive clunky fight choreography and shaky cam that don’t serve any purpose but to obscure the scene at hand. And it’s unfortunate really, because good action could have saved a lot of the lacking parts of the film.

Speaking of lacking, let’s talk about the story. It’s just not that interesting. It’s got an out of left field twist not even halfway through the film, and while because of it we get a pretty cool scene later on, but it isn’t telegraphed in the slightest way and thus isn’t really compelling in any way. Like I mentioned at the beginning, the premise was good and I think the movie as a whole has many good ideas, but the execution falls flat, which really is sad. I liked certain scenes, one being a contrast between natural and horribly unnatural birth, but most of the overall movie lacked in any form of connecting with me.

I had to ask myself often while watching, “Why?” And I still don’t know. Some of the film felt like it could be an attempt at a David Lynch-style metaphor on parenting and childbirth, or on life and the fear of death, and if that is the case, I’d be more inclined to give the movie a pass and say it did its part and the rest is less of a problem. But if the case is this just being a spooky movie… I can’t.

Given the way the last fifteen minutes go, I want to say that the metaphor is there, and I can appreciate it, but it’s dampered by the mediocre, played out action coming back. I think that I’d probably benefit from another watch, but my first impressions just leave me confused, and not in a way that makes me want to think more on the events, but in a way that makes me want to watch anything more palatable.

I like artistic metaphors, so I do have sympathy for the themes in The Void, but I also feel let down by the presentation of the themes and by the meat of the movie overall. Would I recommend The Void? For the casual Netflix/horror movie fan, no. It’s not a great sit down and watch type of flick, nor is it going to have you particularly afraid. However, if it’s weird or possibly artistic you’re after, give it a go. You may see something I didn’t.

My personal rating is going to be lower for this than it would be with consideration to the metaphorical side, because for the sake of my audience I’m going to be taking everything at face value.

Overall Personal Rating: 4/10

Thanks for reading! If you want to read more Netflix Dumpster Dive, you can follow the site for monthly reviews on under-known and/or weird films. Hopefully I’ll find you something you’ll enjoy! Also, if you want to check out my books, there is a link to them above.



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