Netflix Dumpster Dive WILL Return in May

Hey everybody. Apologies for the lack of Netflix Dumpster Dive last week. I am swamped with school and life right now and I have been unable to find a good time to watch a movie for Netflix Dumpster Dive. I will be out of school the second week of May, so we will be back […]

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Emo the Musical vs Deathgasm

[Warning: Spoilers for both Deathgasm and Emo the Musical ahead] Hello, and welcome back to Netflix Dumpster Dive, where we’re going to be doing something a little different this time around. Normally, we find an underknown/appreciated movie or Netflix original, review it, and get my recommendation (or lack thereof) for it. This time, what I […]

Two Sentence Stories (2)

New collection of two sentence stories. No specific theme this time around. HIDING SPOT I told him to quit crying, but he just wouldn’t stop. He finally shuts up as soon as the footsteps are right in front of the door.   PRAYING “Make me feel something else,” she whispered, or rather, she mouthed as […]

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Don’t Kill It

Hello, and welcome back to Netflix Dumpster Dive, where I finally am getting my review out on time! I have much more time on my hands this semester (at least this part of it), so my hope is that I’ll be able to stay on top of things going forward. I decided to walk some […]

Two Sentence Stories (1)

Below is a collection of two-sentence stories I wrote. Planning for this to become a trend on this site along with Netflix Dumpster Dive, book related content, and longer-form short stories. SWALLOWED Juxtaposed against the black of midnight, its white flesh towers over her. She cannot move or scream, only quiver as its jaw stretches […]

Very Brief Update

Hey all my followers on here. Just wanted to say I apologize for my radio silence on here throughout November. School has been stressful, on top of my job out in the real world having some hiccups. I will be back at the end of December with something new, don’t you worry. Until then, feel […]