12/31/16 Update

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my end of 2016 update/progress report. My intent is to do one of these every 3 months or so just to keep the website updated on books, projects, and personal stuff so that I’m not leaving the few who follow the site (and hopefully the many who will one day) […]

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Knights of Badassdom

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Netflix Dumpster Dive! This is a review series in which I find a movie that looks to be dismissable or uninteresting on Netflix (or another video site if it happens not much is drawing my eye), and evaluate it for anyone looking for something to watch. In the […]

Site Relaunch: A New Formula

This website started out simply as a place to promote books as I wrote them and not much else. But I wanted to do more with it, just never took the time to. Today I am officially going on the record saying that this site will be changing for the better. I intend to have […]

Reyairan Spirits Promotional Coverage

Hello, one and all, and welcome to this post outlining my fantasy series, Reyairan Spirits, and why you should consider picking up the first installment over on Kindle, The Eyes of Greenwood.  Reyairan Spirits spawned from an idea I had to write about a remote village that has its own legends and folklore, like you’d see in a werewolf/wive’s […]